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Office relocation preparation guide

Office relocation preparation guide

The stages of a good office relocation

Your business has its new premises, now you need to get ready for moving day – where do you start?

When you’re relocating a business, you need to prepare well in advance of the actual move, as things can and will often take significantly longer than they would for a household move, and you have quite a bit more to consider when moving a business

As a specialist commercial / office removal company, we can help guide you through the sometimes complex process of relocating a business

Stage 1

  • Inform your internet and telephone service providers of your move to ensure they can transfer your services on time. The majority of delayed office relocations are due to communications services not being up and running at the new premises
  • Contact all other supply contracts, leases, and service providers (including your utility providers) to inform them of your move
  • Speak with both your current and future landlord or building manager to find out about restrictions for the move, such as usage of lifts, if there are any restrictions on what times the moves can be conducted, etc
  • Prepare an inventory of the items to be moved. Now is also a good time to look at your furniture, photocopier, document storage, etc. and decide if you want to move them or if you’ll be replacing them at your new premises
  • Contact a specialised office removal company as soon as possible. The sooner you choose your removal company, the more likely you’ll be able to move on the day(s) you need to. Their advice about how to proceed with the move can be invaluable, as it is their field of expertise. Ideally, you should contact them two to three months before your move

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Stage 2

There’s a lot to do to ensure your relocation goes smoothly! Break it down into small, manageable tasks so that everything gets done with the least amount of stress and rushing

Remember – stage two is your chance to get exactly what you want from the move. What you do and decide upon in this stage sets the groundwork for smooth move

Prepare the details

  • Arrange for site inspections with your office removal company
  • Set the details for your removal schedule with your office removal company
  • Let your office removal company know about any restrictions your landlord or building manager has put in place for the move
  • Inform your removal company if there are any areas at your current property or at your new location that require protection (such as lifts, walkways, etc) on moving day and make sure they are noted
  • Discuss with your office removal company the arrangements you’ve made for other contractors for moving day, such as photocopier and IT contractors or staff
  • IT equipment and servers require special care and logistical sensitivity during moves; arrange a meeting with your IT department and relocation consultant to discuss and agree the special needs of the IT relocation schedule
  • Consult your insurance company or broker to discuss your insurance coverage during the move
  • Order new office stationery you may need, and arrange for the secure shredding destruction of your old stationery

Prepare the office

  • Take an inventory of all items to be moved
  • Determine if your old furniture will be moved to your new location, or if you require new furniture and fit out at your new premises
  • Discuss the inventory with your office removal company, as they may be able to suggest ways to save money on your move or responsibly dispose of unwanted furniture and IT equipment
  • Decide if you need to keep all files in your office, or can some of them be securely shredded
  • Decide if you want to store your archive documents at your new premises, or if you’d like to arrange for archive storage of the documents
  • The more documents you shred or put into archive storage, the less your move will cost!

Stage 3

This is the stage when everything is finalised and final preparations are made

  • Confirm crate delivery dates with your relocation consultant
  • Allocate specific jobs to individual employees who are helping with the move and brief them about their responsibilities
  • Check with your staff to confirm they’ve cleared all unwanted and unnecessary documents - have a central shredding deposit location so you can have your unwanted paperwork shredded when you move
  • Confirm with your current and future landlord or building manager any policies or procedures which may affect the relocation schedule on your move date
  • Inform neighbouring businesses in both your current and new premises of the move, allowing them to prepare for any disruption the move may cause (such as access for the removal trucks, lift requirements, etc)
  • Inform your suppliers, customers and contacts of your new address, and arrange for your website to be updated with the new address at the time of your move
  • Organise employees to take responsibility for communal areas
  • Collate emergency telephone numbers and points of contact for all vendors associated with your old and new premises (such as utilities, building management company), along with everyone associated with the move
  • Designate an area at your new premises for the placement of un-labelled crates and equipment
  • Determine which employees will not be in work at the time of relocation, and arrange for someone else to take responsibility for the correct relocation of the absent employee’s belongings and work materials

Stage 4

You’re almost there! Moving day should be about a week away, so now is the time for last minute organisation and preparation

  • Take delivery of removal crates, labels and other associated moving equipment from your office removal company
  • Ensure every item being relocated is labelled according to the guidelines given to you by your office relocation company
  • Meet with your relocation consultant to finalise the plan for moving day and to discuss the finer points such as access to your new and existing premises
  • Provide your relocation consultant with a detailed floor plan of your new premises, which should identify the floor, room and position
  • Confirm the move schedule with employees who will be present on moving day
  • Ensure all staff know where the new office is, restrictions or instructions on parking and bicycle storage, and where their new workspace is located
  • Confirm with your suppliers that your services will be connected or provided as agreed and scheduled
  • Walk through the new premises with all involved in the move

Moving day

The big day has arrived – just a few more steps to go until you’re settled into your new business location!

  • Ensure all employees are undertaking their assigned tasks and provide assistance if necessary
  • Have a complete and thorough inspection of your old site with the move manager to ensure all labelled items have been relocated
  • Visit your new business location and ensure everything has been delivered and placed as you'd like
  • Ensure all utilities, telephone, and internet broadband services are working correctly
  • Have a well-earned cup of tea, and start to unpack

Post move

You’re in and getting settled, now what?

  • Collate all crates to ensure the number of crates you’re returning is the same as the number delivered
  • Contact your relocation consultant to organise the collection of your crates
  • Sit back, rest…and get on with your business


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