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Three critical changes to make when relocating a business

Three crucial changes people forget to make when relocating a business

There's so much to consider when you're relocating your office - who will perform the removal, how will you move your IT, will you keep the old furniture and where to source new furniture if you don't, etc. that people frequently forget to update their online presence after their move

Forgetting to manage your business' online presence can spell disaster for your search engine rankings and the ability of your customers to find you

Even if you serve your customers at their location, or ship items to them, they still need to be able to find you - and having outdated location information about your business can cause you not to be found. We've identified three crucial things businesses must do - but frequently neglect - when moving office

1 - Change your address online

This sounds simpler than it actually is for many businesses. Your business most likely has many different references and citations online, and you're probably not aware of some or even many of them. Google and Bing look to your addresses online to help place you in their search rankings - so it is not just important that your customers have the correct address and telephone number, but it is also important for the search engines

Here are just some of the places you'll want to make sure you've changed your address:

  • Your website (make sure you change every page that lists your address)
  • Google My Business
  • Social media sites, such as Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, etc
  • Directories and sites such as Yelp, Yell.com - anywhere your address is listed
  • Auction sites such as eBay and other places where you may sell your goods
  • Trade group websites, Chamber of Commerce, etc
  • Navigation system map providers, such as TomTom, Garmin, and Apple Maps
  • Companies House

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If you don't have a comprehensive list of all mentions of your address online, you can find many of them by simply doing a search for your current address. Most sites will include instructions to update your profile, but if you don't find any contact them directly

2 - Your telephone number

Most suggest you keep the same telephone number when relocating your business. However, it is also worth considering changing your number if you've moved to another telephone area, as this can impact your local search placement

If you've already obtained a new number, but you're in the same telephone area as you were, consider forwarding your new number to your old to keep the prior telephone number for consistency with your customers and the search engines

If you're going to use a new telephone number, be sure to forward the old number to the new one so your customers can find you

3 - Your printed items and marketing materials

Another item that usually makes it to the bottom of the list of things to do when moving a business is to update all of your marketing materials - online, digital and paper-based. This would include videos, rich media and electronic brochures in addition to paper-based literature and brochures. Don't forget letterhead, stationery, and business cards. Be sure to shred any of your old materials which you won't be using

If you've got your address on your vehicles, be sure to have this changed, too

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