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Relocate your IT infrastructure safely

Relocating your entire IT infrastructure is a high risk operation and that is why BCL technicians are available to support you from the preparation for your move through to final check. Our moves include the use of anti-static bubble wrap bags and special containers to ensure everything arrives at your new location without disruption or loss of data.

From your desktop computers through to your data centre, we can relocate your IT equipment with ease. BCL can also decommission and recommission your desktop devices to ensure a seamless process.

Freedom to concentrate

By us taking care of the logistics of moving your IT equipment, it leaves your own technical personnel the freedom to concentrate on the more strategic issues that surround the process of relocating technical equipment, such as patching and reconfiguration tasks. Our technical teams can provide everything you need to streamline your IT relocation, from the initial hardware and software audits right through to a final clean and PAT test, including:

  • Auditing, asset recognition, port assignment
  • Decommissioning and recommissioning
  • IT relocations
  • Managed laptop relocation
  • IT cleaning
  • Cable management / tidy
  • PAT testing
  • Reconfiguration and testing of hardware and software
  • Server and computer room relocations


We are pleased to offer a full range of telecommunications products and services including BT lines, competitively priced outbound calls, broadband, 0844 numbers, and new and refurbished telephone systems to buy, lease or rent.

Not left high and dry

Our process is fully documented to capture data, with IT move sheets, summary audit sheets and audit spreadsheets to enable your IT manager to track the progress every step of the way. All documentation can be tailored to your unique needs, to capture the information essential to your business.

Our popular de-comm & re-comm service can be totally flexible, bringing equipment back to a log-on prompt or proceeding to higher levels and connectivity testing, printer reconfiguration, etc.

All packaging used for the IT transfer is to the highest industry standards such as flat screen protectors, anti-static bubble wrap sleeves, wheeled-shelved cages, lidded crates or double walled cartons for safe transit.

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Your IT is critical to operations

At BCL we recognise that computer room equipment is critical to the operation of any company. Our dedicated attention is given to the way in which the equipment is disconnected, relocated and reinstalled at your new premises.

These moves are normally overseen by a BCL Project Manager from the outset of the planning stages, through site management implementation and final power up checks. Our server technicians have the relevant IT qualifications such as Microsoft (MSCE, MCP), Novel (CNE), Compaq (ASE), etc.

The security of your equipment during the transfer is of paramount importance to us. Our procedures and methods will ensure that your equipment is monitored and attended at all times during the relocation, using sealed containers where necessary to ensure that nothing is at risk.